Track Messages On Another Phone

Track Messages On Another Phone

  • December 09, 2019



Do you think your kids are keeping bad companies?  Smart devices are used to communicate with anyone but their secretive behavior can affect kids and society. So, as a parent it is essential to keep tab on your kids on what they are watching or talking about on their phones. That’s why we provide you the best method to spy on someone's text messages from your phone or another device.



Part 1: how to track on text messages from another device

To hack on someone’s android phone’s text messages from your phone, you will require downloading and installing the spy app on both the phones. One of the top spying apps for monitoring is Anonnymoxspy. Additionally, it is very easy to install, affordable, and all the tracked details will send your phone remotely. The annonymoxspy can also offer you a number of details about the target phone, such as the history of browser, history of call logs, social media, and even GPS location.etc

Some key features

Here are few another feature of Annonymoxspy that deserve your attention-

  • Track GPS location
  • Record phone calls and surrounding noise
  • Remotely control the phone
  • Set alerts
  • Monitor phone calls and messages
  • Check online activities and read emails
  • Access instant messenger chats
  • View calendar entries, videos, and photos


The Annonymoxspy is supported by iOS and android devices. It also supports two versions of the iPhone that are no jailbreak and jailbreak.

How to track on someone’s text message using Annonymoxspy app

Here are some steps which help you to learn easily how to use a spy app.

Step 1:  Visit 

Step 2: Make a requst on the contact page and the support service will respond to your requests and give guidelines on steps to take according to what request you have made .

Step 3: Enjoy Hacking and tracking as provided by annonymoxspy

Part 2: how to track on text messages from iPhone

For iPhone devices, the annonymoxspy app is the best option. It permits the user to hack on someone’s iPhone without letting them know. Moreover, it has a great benefit that it permits the user to view every text message, even deleted text messages. Also, you can track sent or received text messages without any difficulty.

How to track someone’s text messages using Annonymoxspy

Step 1: visit 

Step 2: Provide details of your request on the contact page of our website 

Step 3: Support team responds and provides you with necessary app and guidelines on what to do according to the device you own or wants to track

Part 3: how to track on someone’s text messages from the computer

If you need to track on someone’s text messages on your computer, a spying tool like The Annonymoxspy may be a better choice for you. As one of the great hacking tools in the business, The Annonymoxspy provides you the ability to oversee any phone, both iOS and android, remotely from any computer. Moreover, it is very easy to download and install and will get you the advance details about the target phone, such as the history of browser, call logs, social media, and even mail tracking.

How to track someone’s text message using TheAnnonymoxspy

Step 1: Get the app provided by Annonymoxspy installed on your own phone 

Step 2: Make sure your internet / mobile data is available for connection to server

Step 3: Select options you need to track or retrieve from the victim's phone. 


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