Ways To Spy On Someones Facebook Online Secret  Undetectable

Ways To Spy On Someones Facebook Online Secret Undetectable

  • February 22, 2020

When there is a question about the safety of your family, children or friends, then the solution only lies in tracking and spying their online activities. As more and more people are associated with Facebook, the need of the hour is to spy on their Facebook account. So, you need to know how you can spy on someone’s Facebook online. This article is equipped with three ways by which you can spy on someone’s Facebook online. These methods are discussed in detail so as to assist you clearly.



Once you know about these ways and the methods to implement these, it will be easy to spy on someone’s Facebook online for you. You don’t have to run after bulky software to be installed on your device. You need to go to your system’s dashboard and then you can keep a check on the Facebook accounts of your family, children and friends to secure them from unwanted mishap. The spying is also useful so as to secure them from any situation in which they might go on wrong path.


Method 1: Spying using Annonymoxspy App

Characteristics of FreePhoneSpy

  1. Keylogging: The keylogging feature helps you to keep a check on all of the keys that are being pressed in the phone which you are spying on. With the help of this, you can get passwords of all the accounts being used by that individual. Then you can use these passwords for spying into their Facebook account without them knowing.
  2. Spy All Major Social Apps: annonymoxspy phone spy software provides you with a lot good features. It enables you to view every activity that is being done on almost all the social apps installed or browsed on the phone which is spied upon. These social apps include Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, WeChat, etc. Along with this, it doesn’t need you to trace the target phone to spy someone’s Facebook account without knowing them.
  3. Capture Screenshots: Annonymoxspy PhoneSpy provides you with this useful feature. With the help of this, you can get to know all of the activities that are happening on the phone being spied, at any time.
  4. Control Panel: Annonymoxspy phone software gives you access to a control panel handled online by which the events of all the phone being spied can be accessed easily. This includes your access to the social media apps like Facebook. Basically, you can use their Facebook account similar to that person uses his/her Facebook account. You can post as well as send messages pretending them.
  5. Call, text and internet browsing:Annonymoxspy phone spy software gives you full access to their calls, texts which are sent and received. At the same time, you can access history of the sites that they have been visiting or have visited in their phone.
  6. GPS tracking along with Geo-fencing: Phone spy software lets you trace the location of a phone being spied upon. With the help of annonymox spy software, a perimeter can also be set up for the target phone, so that when the target phone gets out of that particular boundary you will be able to receive the notification.


  1. Annonymox spy software has a lot of features. It enables you to spy nearly all the activities on the phone being spied, easily.
  2. The best thing about Annonymox spy software is that it is completely safe, reliable, and trustworthy. It has lot of positive reviews.
  3. Along with these features, Annonymoxspy  software comes at a reasonable yet flexible payment, usually starting from FREE.
  4. There is availability of technical support 24/7.


Internet connection must be strong enough to avoid interruption of bit transfer


Method 2:

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